November 19 - 25

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Tim Suttle said...

hey guys,

Today I got up too late to read at all in the morning. But I just got to seminary and prayed through the Book of Common Prayer hours for noontime. It was good.

I'm sitting down at a desk (it's about 2:30pm) in the library and I'm not leaving until the place closes. I'm making myself read and write so I can enjoy thanksgiving with my family. If you read this, please pray for me that I'll have a productive time and be able to concentrate and comprehend.

Mandy said...

I have not done anything devotionaly today (except read & pray with my kids, that counts) but I still want to...hope springs eternal

I can at least pray for you Tim.


Kristen said...

I did not do a devo today either....however we had a great community group. People really seem to be gaining trust with one another.

I am planning to get back on track tomorrow with the lectio's.

I will pray for you Tim.

Tim Suttle said...

Thanks for praying for me. That's the first time in a long time I've asked someone to pray for me. I was able to knock out a significant part of that paper - maybe it was your prayers!

This morning I did the online Book of Common Prayer hours and then read a little bit from Jurgen Moltmann. I'm going to share this little thing he wrote because it really struck me.

Moltmann was answering the question "Why am I a Christian?" He was confessing that he feels as though he is always being thrown back to the beginning & doubting whether or not he even really is a Christian. He recounts a famous saying of Luther "Christuianus semper est in fieri," which means "A Christian's being is in becoming." Being a Christian is becoming a Christian, it is a continual repentance, a continual new start in a new direction - from sin to righteousness - from slavery to freedom - from doubt to faith - from past to future.

Moltmann rocks.

Mandy said...

WOW, Moltmann does rock!

With renewed determination, I started to read John today. Since John keeps coming up every where I turn, I thought I should give it another look. John seems to be more about who Jesus is than what he did, like the other gospels.

Right off the bat the idea that God can be known comforts me. I don’t have to accept a savior that is shrouded in mystery. Silly little old me from Blue Springs, Mo can know this God, through Christ, not simply be aware of Gods existence but know him through the “body” which is the church.

Ch 1 v.17-18 in the message says: This endless knowing and understanding- all this came through Jesus, the Messiah. This is the one-of-a-kind God Expression, who exists at the very heart of the Father, [and] has made him plain as day.


Kristen said...

Well, today was a little hectic for me so I did a quiet meditation on a song by David Crowder called, "Never Let Go". This is one of my favorite songs at the moment. He talks about through all life throws at us God never lets go..."A perfect love that never lets go." The image that came to me is of holding my child who is kicking, screaming-crying and I just sit there and hold him. Eventually, he senses my love and slowly calms down. I can see this in my life as I kick and scream in a difficult situation and God just sits there and holds me in his love...and never lets go.

Have a great weekend with your families.


Kerrie said...

Hi guys, I'm back. I had a great week with my family. Sorry to say, a slow week in reading the bible. I really only had two days of some bible time and devo time. I am going to sign off quickly now and enjoy some time in the bible before tomorrow. Love reading what you are all up to and where you are at, at this moment.

kevinc said...

Hey Everyone,

sorry it took me a couple of weeks to get going on this. i really love everything you all have shared up to this point. this feels like we are onto something.

instead of trying to catch up on the last three weeks, i'll just jump in on today.

Before i came to staff meeting this morning, i spent some time in first John. a number of really cool things stuck out to me, especially a few of the passages about God's love for us: "What marvelous love the Father has extended to us. Just look at it, we're called children of God! That's who we really are" "This is how God showed his love for us; God sent his only Son inot hte world so we might live through him. He loved us and sent his Son as a sacrifice to clear away our sins and the damage they've done to our relationship with God.

I wanted to read 1 John this morning because i don't really feel loved by God right now. I feel like i am kind of a screw up this was good for me to read.

I can also really relate to all of you about a lack of discipline in my life. i wonder if this is because we are living so individualistic lives spiritually? I have decided that i am going to change my morning routine so that i can be more consistent wiht my morning devos. i have been telling myself for months now that i just need to wake up at 6am and be more committed, and i think i'm just setting myself up for failure. i think i'm going to push back my sermon prep time a little bit to give myself some time to just engage with God.

kevinc said...

Last night, allison had a book club and i was on at home with the boys. after i put them to bed, instead of flipping channels for 2 hours (which i've gotten into the bad habit of) i built a fire and read a bunch of passages about joy. it's amazing how empty and lifeless watching TV or internet can be, and how wonderful it is to spend time with God. i do have to say, that reading these passages about joy last night helped me realize that i really do lack joy right now in my life. i think part of it is my depression, that is one of the symptoms. last night i had a sense of God's presence, i felt him with me, but i did not feel joy, i still had a very heavy and burdened heart. but it was still good time.