Dec. 17 - Dec. 23

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kevinc said...

i read matt 1 today: The virgin will be with child and will give birth to a son, and they will call him Immanuel, which means God with us. I love that idea that God came to be with us. What else do we need in this life, other than to be with GOd? What a gift of grace...i was singing (to myself) the song tim plays: Hallelujah, God is with us today. it was a great morning.

Tim Suttle said...

I did the BCP hours this morning. It was really good. I'm going to try and do them the rest of the day...high hopes.


Kristen said...

I listed to the DVD that my community group did again this morning b/c there was lots of good stuff in it that I didn't catch the first time.

This particular sessions was on direction and where are foucs is. The questions were asked...what has captured your attention? what has captured your affection? what is destracting you from your destination?


This really stuck with me all week. I have not given my attention to God or to my kids. Why? Because I have been distrated by getting everything done in time for Christmas...which is kind of ironic.

I have not liked who I have been this week at all and it's been extremly difficult.

thank you for the imagination of a 5 year old.
thank you for forgivness.
thank you for frozen pizza when I forgot to plan dinner


Kerrie said...

It's been a rough worship week for me. On the positive side, I've been praying better. On the negative side, I haven't sat down and read from the bible for any extensive amounts of time. Ugh. I am telling you all that tomorrow I will be more proactive and spend some time tonight and tomorrow with God. Keep me accountable!

Tim Suttle said...

I didn't to the BCP hours the rest of the day. But just now I did the evening prayers from the Divine Hours...better than nothing.

Kerrie said...

-I have not made room for God in my life this week, I have chosen to be "busy" instead.
-I did not have patience with Kadi yesterday.
-I was very nit picky with Jeff for no good reason.
-I am not feeling the season, I desire to feel Jesus around me....probably due to confession #1.

I read John 8 today and it left me with lots of questions and thoughts.
Why was John 7:53-8:11 not in early manuscripts and later added? Tim, do you know background or does anyone have thoughts on this?
John 8:42-46 really scares me. How could these people that dedicated their life to God, be the devil's children. How can you get that far off of the path to God?

Kristen said...

I confess:

-I too have been far from God this week.

-I have been a horrible mom this week due to the stress of the season.

-I often don't share my thoughts on variuos things because I am afraid of not sounding intelligent.

-My faith in God providing for us is being tested this month, it's amazing how difficult it is to give up control.

thank you God for loving me beyond my imperfections

thank you for the sounds of little voices singing

thank you that my child forgives me when I haven't been very nice

have a great Christmas with your families.


Tim Suttle said...

Friday Confessional:

I confess that I faked my way through a conversation about post-liberal theology and let people think I knew more than I really did.

I confess that I’m often monumentally insecure and that is what makes me do things like that.

I confess that I think music with cussing in it is really cool.

I confess that I was ignoring my kids and they got out Kristin’s lotion and spread it all over nick’s bedroom and now they smell like perfume.

I confess that I resent having to buy Christmas gifts.

I confess that ministry is often a really frustrating thing to do with your life.

I confess that when Lewis woke up from his nap, I let him lay there and cry for ten minutes so that I could finish the end of a movie that I was only half watching.

I confess that this week I have been guilty of gossip, anger, manipulation, indifference, laziness, and profanity.

I confess that confession, on weeks like this, is really exhausting.

Mandy said...

Sorry guys, I really am still here………I have prayed the hours almost everyday this week. It has been really good to weave the sacred into my very unsacred days. Not doing so well with bible reading, however.

Friday confessions:

I confess that I picked a fight with Bill, then fought unfairly and made accusations so it would not seem like I had started the fight.

I confess that I stayed up too late 2 nights this week and then was a total sloth the next day, so I guess that’s both lack of discipline and laziness in one.

I confess I was impatience with a neighbor who overstayed her welcome and later realized she probably just wanted some company. I feel like a total shit for being so deeply uncompassionate!!

I confess that I came close to twisting the truth on this blog so you guys would not know that I had actually not read my bible at all this week.

Kerrie said...

Last night I read the "Shipwrecked at the Stable" chapter of Brennen Mannings "Relentless Tenderness of Jesus." It is really worth your time, if you get the chance. It is so not about us or our insecurities or our failures....keep our eyes on Christ. I loved this chapter and ate it up. It felt like it was in line with what Kevin had been talking about being God's beloved.