April 21 - April 27


Kerrie said...

I've been enjoying James 1 today, particularily vs 5 and 6. I really need to be sure that I truly believe that God can do it and not doubt...even a little bit. I love James.

Mandy said...

Not to show off or anything, but I prayed all the hours today!

Also, enjoyed lectio this morning

Kristen said...

ok, so I am realzing that Monday and Tuesday's are complete blurs to me. It is almost impossible for me to get the hours done on those days. However, Monday is a community group night so at least I am getting in God time then.

BTW, I started my group on reading Matthew...but I first asked if anyone had read it all the way through and everyone said ,"no". You guys this is such a big deal to me, that 15 people in our church who all have been attending for as long as I can remember haven't read very much of the Bible. I think most of them have read things here and there but haven't "studied" it. This just emphazises the fact that we need to do this as a church. It was one of the best groups, everyone was engaged, asking questions, reading aloud and answering my questions! It was great! I know the interest is there I think finding a time to sit and do it is what holds everyone up, not because they don't want to but most of us are in the same life stage where there just isn't the time. So having groups and going through scripture and explaining it on Sunday is where it's going to happen.

Looking forward to praying ALL the hours tomorrow!


Kristen said...

I really needed time with God today, my patients with my kids is pretty much nonexistant and I hate that. I needed to still myself and pray....it was good, then I lit a candle for myself =0)


Kerrie said...

I've been reading in Exodus all week. It's been great. I love the new testament because it is so easy to read...but I also love going back through the stories of the old testament. They are so rich with heritage. Thanks to Kristen for the kick in the pants.

Tim Suttle said...

I've been feeling the need to slow down a little bit. I've been going at such a frenetic pace that I think I'm starting to cause myself problems, just being short with Kristin, restlessness, even the inability to concentrate and pray with any sort of expectation of God entering in with me.

this morning I took a long time with the BCP office. I chanted the psalms and did all the prayers. I forced myself to slow down. I'm trying to discern the reality that this is God's thing and I'm just participating in it. It does not depend on me, it does not need me, the mission is God's mission. I think it helped. Today was a much healthier, more engaged day for me.



Tim Suttle said...

I did the BCP hours this morning – hoping to hit prayers this afternoon as well.

Friday Morning Confessional:

I confess to being extremely spotty on the hours this week. Not because I wanted to ignore them, though that was the case a couple times, but because I’ve been in lectures and stuff where it is hard to concentrate on prayer. I plan to do a little better today.

I confess that I’m still pretty irritable. I’m really looking forward to next week because my semester will be over. I confess that I’m dropping my summer class and taking a few months off from academia because, if I don’t, I don’t foresee any way to shake my recent irritability and lack of joy. Plus my wife is going to kill me.

I confess that I’m a huge Sabbath breaker. Usually I do Sabbath on Friday, but I’m breaking it huge this week. I confess that I say that with a tinge of pride and that’s even a little more scary. I confess that I’m looking for a way to move my Sabbath back to Sunday, but haven’t quite worked it out in my head yet.

I confess that my car seems to be on its last leg and this stresses me out.

I confess to pride, envy, gluttony, managing my own reputation, and allowing people to think more highly of me than they ought.

Tim Suttle said...

OK, I just figured something out. something has changed on blogger. I posted every day this week, but the posts I wrote did not actually post to the blog. I finally figured out why just now.

After I write my comment, I always click on "preview" because I check for grammar/spelling errors before I post it to the blog. When you do that it lets you see your post and then gives you two buttons, "edit" or "publish." It used to be that if you clicked on "publish" it automatically posted to the blog comments section. Now, it merely takes you back to your first step and instead of choosing "prevew," you choose "publish." I know I wrote posts on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday - but it didn't connect with me that they weren't getting up there. The reason is because after I previewed I would hit "publish" and as soon as the page updated I just assumed it was publishing and I'd close the page...I'm not really please with the extra step. I'm not making excuses it's just that nobody else would care that it actually took me 5 days to figure this out.

Kristen said...

Friday confessions:

I confess that I have been harboring anger towards Ken, I haven't told him because it's not fair anger.

I confess that I really need a break from my kids and I don't see that happening anytime soon. I feel like I am running on fumes with them and I don't like that.

I went to hear this awesome speaker last night on the youth that are coming out of youth groups and the centraility of the home...anyways as I was looking around I was completely judgemental on some people thinking...why do the majority of homeschool families look so dorky?

I have figured out over the last year or so that I am completely charged by other people and I haven't been around anyone this week, I think that's part of the reason I am feeling drained.

Mandy said...

Hey guys, sorry about being AWOL on here this week. I have totally fallen off the wagon on the Divine Hours since Monday (the day I was bragging about it)

So I guess that is my first confession, I have been lazy and distracted about my prayer life and I feel like I have let you down.
I confess to feeling lost and dismayed about church work.

I confess that I feel joyless about my role at church. As shallow as it sounds, its not fun anymore, in fact it is making me dislike myself. Which must be why I am typing this at 3:47 on Sunday morning. (I know, I know, I need therapy)

I confess that I need another chicken noodle soup moment really soon.