July 7 - July 13


Tim Suttle said...

Hey friends! Sorry I was so out of it last week. Tough week w/travel, sermon prep, etc.

I'm leaving after lunch for conception abbey to spend the rest of today and tommorrow till evening in solitude and silence. I'm hoping to have extended prayer times and will be meeting with Fr. Adam for spiritual direction.

I'll report back on Tues. or Wed. and share how it went. Please pray for me - I'm feeling like I need a touch from God right now.



Sara said...

Funny you should say that. I was feeling that I needed to get word from God about some things lately too. I saw Him work in an amazing way the other day at the LH. I am feeling really insecure about some things in my life right now and I am going to turn over my insecurities to Him this week and see what He does with them.

Happy week.

Kerrie said...

God has been pressing on me to lean in to my fears. He has gently (thankfully) reminded me that this was never promised to be an easy journey. He continues to pry the control out of my hands...and I'm trying to hand it over, sometimes!

Kristen said...

Kerrie, I can totally relate. Every day I give Ken's work situation to God and it seems everyday I take it back. The difference lately as been that I truly believe that Ken is praying about it and is using the story of Joesph to communicate how he is feeling. He started on the 100 Essentails a few weeks ago and I think that has been a real anchor for him.

I have been reading a book about how important it is to have God at the center of your family and am feeling really convicted about that. I want my kids to love Jesus and to follow him but I don't want to be overbearing about it either (mostly due to my upbringing) so that is a constant stuggle for me.

Tim Suttle said...

I just read all of the posts from this week. You guys are so cool. I love this church staff!!

I had a really good 24 hours at the abbey. It was wierd, I had a lot of trouble making myself leave the boys this time, even though they were happy and fine and it was only going to be for one night. That's the first time it's been that way for me. I can't imagine still trying to tour 200 days a year with kids!

Anyway - I had one of the best conversations with Fr. Adam I've ever had. He is really wise and he really helped me process a few things. The big piece of wisdom I gleaned from our time together is a quote from Pope John XXIII:

"See everything. Ignore a lot. Improve a little."

I like what that says about leading gracefully by ignoring a lot of things which fall short. It's not that we don't see everything that is wrong, we just trust that Christ is at work in the hearts of the people we seek to lead and we can ignore it without being dismissive. By ignoring he really means don't act on it - don't call people on the carpet all the time, don't pick things apart too much - just watch things. Ignoring is more akin to keeping an eye on them.

Improve a little helps me with my perfectionism and world-beating hubris. Just make things a little bit better week by week. Don't enter your work with grandiose plans. Just set out to improve everything you touch just a little bit. Then leave the results up to God.

Anyway, I've been chewing on that phrase because it is such a stark contrast from many of the CEO based leadership slogans that I've encountered in the past. This one seems to assume that God is the major figure in all church leadership; that God is the prime mover, not me. I like that.

Kerrie said...

Tim- Great quote and explanation. I love it. I'm struggling with being still before God. This may be a summer thing, but it's also not excusable. I need to work on that. I think I'll try and schedule an all day study day next week. I'm still working my way through Exodus.

Kerrie said...

Guys- Please pray for my friend's daughter Alice. I can tell you details in person, but just pray for some protection and comfort from God. She needs prayer coverage. K

Beth said...

I'm praying, Kerrie.

Today's confession Friday, so I've got one. I confess that I really needed a break from Sam and I'm glad he's at camp this week. We had a rough week leading up to him going, so it's made it so peaceful here the last two days. Then I feel guilty because I'm not as enamored w/ my kids like so many moms are. They're just not the center of my universe like the world tells me they should be. Anyway, I'm glad -no matter how wrong - to have a break. I pray that God has been working in Sam's heart while he's gone too. Tim, your quote from this week really spoke to me too. I know I need to ignore alot - especially the shortcomings of my kids - I tend to "see everything". And I need to allow God to improve in me a little - actually alot. Forgive me, Jesus, for feeling guilty - I know You're not condemning me. Forgive me for my feelings toward Sam. I know it doesn't bring You glory or him the love he deserves.