October 27 - November 2


Beth said...

I confess that I hate Halloween. I confess that it drives me crazy how our country becomes obsessed with it. I confess that I can't wait for tomorrow.

On a lighter note, I truly enjoyed finishing the book of John this morning. It is so different from the other gospels in that they tend toward accounts of Jesus' ministry to others (miracles,parables). John focuses on more of Jesus' words, prayers and wisdom as He prepares to leave the earth. I love that perspective...maybe that we just get to see a little more deeply into His heart for us.

Tim Suttle said...

I confess that I've done terrible at almost everything this week because I've been sick. Nothing's worse than being sick when you have a ton of things to do!

I confess to not praying the hours at all this past week. I confess that I confessed this to my small group at dinner Tuesday evening and they laughed at me! Sometimes being a pastor is surreal.

I confess to having to write a sermon for class by Monday and I have no idea how to proceed on this passage - totally stumped.

I confess to being terrible at lawn and yard care. Our back yard is heading for the pond!

I confess to muttering unpleasant things under my breath all day every time I cough - it's been a week - enough with the cough already.

I confess to loving the band Wilco - they played on the Colbert report and it was a new song I'd never heard before...very cool.

I confess that my school schedule is still unworkable. I'm not sure if I'm just using it as an excuse or what. But I'm not loving life right now and school seems to be the issue.