June 7 - June 13


Scott Savage said...

Alright, we're up and running for the week. How's everyone doing?

I felt a little off last week. Not sure why. This week feels a little more promising. I'm excited to wrap up Philippians next week and then jump into Benson. I have enjoyed these last few weeks so much.

I could be a bit more attentive to evening prayer. It has suffered lately. I also need to go on a date with my wife soon! I think that would be good for my soul :)

Have a good week, ya'll!


Tracy said...

I woke up out of sorts today. Anxiety has been brewing the past few weeks. I can't really pinpoint it to one thing. Just lots going on internally as well as around me right now. I'm trying to be more intentional about prayer.

It's so helpful to have you all around to listen to my yammering on about whatever I'm chewing on at present.