Monday Morning Confessional is up

I make my confession here - come make yours!


Atta Rehman said...

well that was an heart toching saying <3
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EBENEZER said...

Toughing of heart.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes We Cannot make confessions because on back of the mind we know that it is not possible practically

Farid Ahammad said...

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-blessed holy socks said...

Being an ex-Catholic, severely head injured, wondering about the state: fearing the antichrist's gonna come2power soon, take over THE church cuz, as you very well know, Catholicism's the One and Only church (others just followed), so I've joined a new church which ain't totally cold and verrry proud. I'd looove to rejoin, but they're so hypocritical and rrrude, like they don't have any laughter in 'em no moe: they look at their watches and if the priest is a minute off, most of 'em turn around N leeve. No thanx. I went thro the RCIA in '91 through '13 and saw Catholicism swiftly detrimental. Pray for this sinfull mortal. Thanx. God bless you. Cya in the Great Beyond.

cinta si said...

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camaras said...

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