Jan. 7 - Jan. 13

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Mandy said...

I read Galatians again today, the part where Paul gets in Peters face about not eating with the gentiles.

Also I prayed the hours, but only one office.

Tim Suttle said...

I did the office twice yesterday, but forgot to blog it.

Today, I'm started out with the BCP daily office. I really love it. I love all of the prayers and readings. I'm going try to do it all day.

Tim Suttle said...

Last night we had a really good community group bible study at my house about prayer. We looked at several texts (we're doing the ogden "discipleship essentials" book right now, and it was a really rich time of discussion and reading of the scripture.

Today I did the BCP hours in the morning and the Divine hours at noon. I'm getting ready to knock off for the day and my plan is to do the vespers in the Divine Hours. I'm not holding out much hope for Compline tonight but you never know! That's so pathetic, too, because the Compline is always the best one of the day.

Kristen said...

I started reading, Pause again by Eugene Peterson which is a daily reading bible. I've had it for awhile but keep forgetting about it. Today took a part of Genesis and a part of John. I came to the conclusion that the beginning of Genesis never gets old. I wanted to share a part of John that I read, it's from 1:1-18.

John pointed to him and said,"This is the one. The one I told you was coming after me but in fact he was ahead of me. He has always been ahead of me, has always the first word."

I thought this was interesting to think about in the context of our staff meeting discussions. How we are in the tension of not fully knowing what to do...but it fact God is already head of us and we are just catching up.


Tim Suttle said...

Hey Kristen, I agree about the beginning of Genesis & also about our "catching up."

This morning I did the BCP hours. We read Psalm 139 which I've always loved.

I also did the Divine Hours for noontime prayers. Hoping to do something at Vespers & Compline.



Kerrie said...

Sorry, I've been mia this week. I've been struggling with my passion for reading and praying this week. I read Phillipians and I loved it as always. I've read parts of Job also. It's been rough. My accountibility girls and I challenged each other for next week, to turbo charge some passion. I long to "feel" it, and right now I'm just in a season of being disciplined no matter what.

Tim Suttle said...

Friday Confessional:

I confess that I’m a know-it-all and a snob.

I confess that I took a new personality test this week that pointed out some glaring short comings in my make-up; things like the fact that I think I’m “entitled” to be liked, be happy, and to have a fabulous life. I confess that this has only made me think about new fun, happy, and fabulous things I can do on a budget.

I confess that going bald makes my head cold all winter.

I confess that I’m turning into a snob about pop-culture. So much so that I turn my nose up at anything mainstream… (except, nascar, nfl, 30 Rock, and The Office – in other words, things that I deem acceptable). I’m pretty sure that makes me a snob.

I confess that I spent several hours listening to worship music this week, looking for songs we can use at h.k10. I confess that, although I’m snobbish about most worship music as well, I actually found some songs that really moved me – even to tears – on several occasions.

I confess that it feels like this presidential election is entering its 5th year. I’m already so tired of these people that I don’t want any of them to be president.

I confess that I’m not leading worship this week and I’m really going to miss it.



Kristen said...

Friday confessional:

I confess that I had a really great week!

I confess that when I am calm and "going with the flow" my kids are far better behaved.

I confess that I really don't want to go to Ken's parents house for dinner because I am tired of the same 'ol conversation (and becasue they never cook anything i can eat) sigh...

I confess that I am smarter than my mom in so many areas and that fact makes me laugh.

I confess that I am a little afraid of Ken's job search b/c I don't want to give anything up if he needs to take a paycut.


thank you for Taven singing songs from High School Musical in his ever so sweet voice.

thank you for haircuts that reveal scars that were hidden.

thank for allowing me to be a mom.