August 18 - August 24


Tim Suttle said...

I did the Divine Hours morning office and Midday prayers so far today. I also did my Jesus Prayers this morning. I'm hopeful to keep the hours all day today.

Beth said...

I started reading through the bible again yesterday. Decided it had been a while since I've done the whole thing. So, I'm doing readings in both OT & NT each day. I love this, because no matter where I am in His Word, He always seems to want to teach me, correct me or encourage me in something! Today regarding the flood, He reminded me that when He wants to accomplish something, He does it completely and on His terms (Noah was 600 yrs old!). There's no way I can doubt God's abilities, when He's called me to participate in some part of His story.

Kerrie said...

Today I started in 1 Samuel. I love Hannah's prayer. I feel overwhelmed this week---but it's almost over and it was blessed. So, I'm going to sit outside and have some quiet time alone with God now.

Tim Suttle said...

Friday Confession:

I confess to sucking at staying accountable through this blog...I will be better next week.

I confess to having bottomed out spiritually last month. I think it could have a bit to do with vacation & being really busy trying to get the blitz ready, the website changes in on time, preaching a lot, all coming off a mediocre study leave…and just general busy-ness that everyone deals with. But the truth is that it’s really just my general terrible attitude toward everything in the heat of the summer. I confess to a deep-seated hatred for the hot summer weather. I guess I’m actually sort of encouraged because bottoming out used to be about a 6 month process that usually involved counseling. This time it was just a few weeks of spiritual lull and malaise…must have been a mild summer.

I confess that coming out of a spiritual lull can be annoying to those around me – I think I’m probably the annoying type anyway, but never more so than when I’m starting to feel human again.

I confess that I’m really disorganized right now, spatially and general head-space both. I need to clean out my office, do some filing, work some calendar stuff through and plan a bunch of fall stuff. I confess that it’s not going to happen until after Sunday.

I confess to being bummed that I had to preach on Judges, and then to being completely surprised and enamored by this book. Now I confess to wishing I had a couple more weeks to spend on it.

I confess to being a perfectionist on some things and a slacker on others…no rhyme or reason. I think it frustrates people around me…mostly my kids.