August 25 - August 31


Tim Suttle said...

Had a good time with God yesterday at the Gallery & w/you guys. I did the morning office yesterday, but that was all.

I just did the BCP office this morning and hope to continue all day.



Mandy said...

I have completely let my Divine hours routine be driven into the ditch since being here, I am hoping to get back on the road with that soon…I miss it and how it weaves a spiritual connection into my day, making my day and myself feel more integrated.

I have been learning a lot through prayer and some good quiet time. Couple of highlights:

Say yes. I feel like the message/word I keep ruminating on recently is to say yes. Say yes to an invitation that I would normally try to avoid, Say yes to trying a church that I just “know” is going to be lame. Say yes to going into the London underground by myself. Say yes to eating weird Indian food. The biggie is say yes to grace. I am realizing how much I have, without knowing it, rejected Gods grace…always jockeying for position in Gods kingdom trying to be good and do good. (a whole lot of law absolutely no gospel), I’m learning (what I thought I already knew), to just accept what is pure gift with open hands and say thank you.

Miss you -Mandy

Tim Suttle said...

Good to hear from you Mandy & good word on saying yes. I'm going to have to think about if I really say "yes" to grace or not...hmmm. Maybe I say too much yes to grace!!

I did the divine hours for 2 of the hours yesterday. I did this morning's office and will continue this afternoon I hope. I'm loving the prayer for the appointed week from Phyllis Tickle:

"Grant, O merciful God, that your Church, being gathered together in unity by your Holy Spirit, may show forth your power among all people, to the glory of your Name; through Jesus Christ our Lord, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, for ever and ever. Amen."

Kerrie said...

I went through the David and Bathsheeba story. I want to stop the train wreck that's coming every time. It makes me wonder how often does my ego take me to an out of control place where I don't see right and wrong. I'm not there right now, but I'm sure I've been there and will unfortunately be going back.

Tim Suttle said...

Friday Confessional:

I confess to watching too much TV the past three weeks. First the olympics, then politics...luckily I have to start class next week so I'll be off the TV at least a tad.

I confess to being far too self-assured. I confess that this leads to, more than anything, a lack of patience with people who don't see things the way I do.

I confess to way too much worrying.

I confess that I am not watering my yard so that I can avoid having to mow it. It looks so bad that I'm sure my neighbors are wondering what my deal is. But as long as I don't water it, the grass just stays laying down...

I confess that gluttony is my favorite sin...that and despair.

Peace everyone!


Mandy said...

Friday Confessional:

I confess to managing the way people see me too much.

I confess to worry

I confess to eating a croissant every morning since we moved here, I’m what you would call a good eater!

I confess to trying tot get my kids to be little advertisements for my good parenting: see confession 1

I confess to staying up too late, mostly to watch movies I have already seen, every night this week. This is really irresponsible because the next day I am so tired and irritable.

Have a good weekend!