Jan. 21 - Jan 27

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Kristen said...

I have a prayer request....I saw my little brother this afternoon and he is a physically and mentally worse than I first thought. Can you please pray that he will soften his heart toward his family and let us help him. Please pray that he will accept that he needs to do whatever he take to be healthy and start making some decisions that only he can make. Also, pray for strength and widsom for my parent, Jen and myself. My brother's name is Rusty.


Mandy said...

I have done no reading today, but plan to end the day that way. Also I woke up this morning and felt led to pray and listen. I feel like the word that kept coming into my brain was grace, grace, grace. I was reminded that I have received so much grace in my little life, I have to learn to extend some. It is easy to give grace to the people that I like and respect or the ones for whom I feel sorry. But I have no grace for the others. I am going to attempt to live that way, for real, this week. (notice I’m not making any long commitments)

Tim Suttle said...

Kristen, I'm praying for Rusty right now.

Mandy, i'm with you...

I did the BCP hours yesterday and this morning. Hoping to do them all day.


Tim Suttle said...

I did the BCP Hours this morning. I'm hoping to do them all day. I didn't do them yesterday after I prayed the first one, but today I have high hopes.

Also we did a reading from Thomas A. Kempis' "The Imitation of Christ," and Ecc. 1 in class it was nice to hear the scripture read out loud & I love Kempis.

Also I've begun to use the "Jesus Prayer" again. I didn't want to blog about it until I could see if it's going to stick, but I've been doing it for about a week now. More on that later.

kerrie said...

Read some of the divine hours. I enjoyed it, but think that some in my house group (I thought about suggesting it) might think it's too out there. I can see where the candle and incense need comes in. I read the bible this morning and know it was in Matthew and embarrasingly I can't remember what it was! Ugh! I also read a little in Proverbs. Hard day today, Jeff's best friend since he was 5 years old, his mother died suddenly today. This was Jeff's second mom growing up and had talked to her just a few weeks ago. I know that Rob (Jeff's friend) doesn't "do" church, but I'm unsure about his mom. I hate to ask Jeff. Also spent some time praying for Lydia Kline and worrying about Sarah.

Tim Suttle said...

Today I read from the BCP and did the Morning Office. It was really good. We're still reading in Genesis, Hebrews & John.

Mandy said...

So after I pontificated about extending grace I had a huge conflict with a pretty good friend of mine over a political issue. (am I too early for confessions?) I really felt strongly about the issue and felt that I had to take a stand and hit the “reply all” maybe a bit hastily, and have quite possibly cost myself that friendship….feeling really sick about that today. Where is the line between taking a stand and just being mean?

Read the end of Galatians today and a little of Ephesians and wanted to ignore Proverbs because I knew it was going to say a bunch of stuff about holding my tongue.

I read this quote this morning and reminded me of our conversations about disciplines etc. Loving the idea of a “deliberate opening to God” would love to hear you thoughts on this:

Most of our problems with prayer arise from our tendency to turn spiritual growing into a set of laws or a gymnastic exercise. I have seen great inner struggle, fatigue, and guilt result when we treat prayer like a discipline.... It is best to have some form of deliberate opening to God each day, but we need not be troubled if the form and expression change.

- Flora Slosson Wuellner
Prayer, Stress, and Our Inner Wounds

Kristen said...


I just wanted to post that I have been reading the bible and praying this week. I haven't found 10 minutes to write about what I read this week with all that has been going on with the Kline family and my own sick family. I plan to get back on later tonight and find sometime to pull some thoughts together.


Kerrie said...

Mandy, thanks for the quote. It makes sense to me. I have not done anything in the bible today. I have prayed quite a bit though and God answered some of my stupid little prayers, even though I'm a slug. I'm going up to read the message for a bit. Feeling very sluggish today.

Kristen said...

I confess that I really didn't want to have a playdate I had this morning with a really high maintenance friend who has 3 boys and thinks the world owes her for that.

I confess that I had to give up getting anything done this week due to a sick family and that was really frustrating.

I confess that I wish people would just get thier shit together and stop complaining about it.

I confess that it is going to be difficult for me to hold my tongue with my brother but I am going to have to be diligent about it and know when it's okay to say some hard things that he needs to hear.


Tim Suttle said...

Saturday Afternoon Confessions:

I confess that, since I’m in class twice a day, I was just too busy this week to do much of anything which would require any sort of exciting confession. That being said, all I got is some mundane stuff:

I confess that I gossiped with my parents when they came up to help with the boys.

I confess that I want my parents to think I’m successful but fear that they don’t.

I confess that I think one of the classes I’m taking right now is a complete waste of time and money and that I’m pretty pissed off about it.

I confess that I was so pissed about it that I played tetris for at least an hour each class period and worked on h.k10 stuff for the rest of the time.

I confess that I didn’t miss a single day of morning prayers this week. It should be said, however, that I didn’t make a single day of all four offices. I never did a Compline nor a vespers all week. Even though that’s pretty lame, I confess that I’m insufferably proud of my morning prayer accomplishment.

I confess that I’m completely intimidated by Greek and don’t know if I’ve got the drive to learn it.



kerrie said...

Tim- I know you can do it (learning Greek) and kudos for making it with the morning prayers. Wish I had that same discipline this week.

I went to see a well known Christian speaker talk to moms yesterday. Did not enjoyed it. I tried REALLY HARD to keep an open heart and mind. But, I was disappointed.

Today I'm working on ECC 3:1-8 for elementary tomorrow. Carie Beth and Darby are sick, so I'm filling in for her. I can't compare to CB as far as interesting goes, but I have to do my best to teach this lesson. Pray for CB and her families health.